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Ang4gettables on friendships and music

By Jojo P. Panaligan : Source: Manila Bulletin, 7 Mar 2003 -

If you were to receive a caller in the dead of night asking, “You wanna have fun?” would you say yes?

In 1993, singer-actress Pinky Marquez did. After all, the caller was longtime friend/comedian Dyords Javier who was then mulling over the idea of forming a vocal group composed of seasoned solo performers.   

As human nature goes, Dyords had friends in mind first.

“Her only concern was who the other members would be. As soon as Pinky found out that it would be other friends, she immediately committed,” narrates Dyords.  

Friendship, indeed, became the nucleus of the now nine-year-strong musical entertainment group Ang4gettables. And through several world tours, some line-up changes (original members Nanette Inventor and Mon David were eventually replaced by recording artist Bimbo Cerudo and Ms. Saigon alumna Isay Alvarez) and a slew of personal and professional ups and downs, it’s the foundation that has kept them together.  “Para na nga kaming magaasawa,” Dyords remarks with a smirk.

Than again, that’s just one of the secrets of the group’s staying power. The more important ingredient in Ang4gettables’ winning formula is talent.  

“Everyone can sing solo. As a group, we can do songs that require duets, trios and, of course, quartets. Dahil madami din kami at iba-iba ang influences, vast din ang repertoire ng Ang4gettables ranging from ’50s tunes up to current Top 40. Did I already mention that we never sing covers exactly as the original versions? We always rearrange songs to fit our styles,” Dyords enumerates.  

Little wonder then why Ang4gettables has been in demand for concerts, tours, conventions and product launches since its inception. To date, the group has notched several achievements abroad that remain unrivaled.  

“We are the only Filipino group to have enjoyed a full house in Ras La Fan (third largest gas deposit in the world) and Delhi. Sa Honolulu, the mayor proclaimed one day as Ang4gettables Day dahil natuwa siya sa ‘Ang Galing Ng Filipino’ show namin duon. We are just so lucky that our kababayans continue to ask for us,” Dyords tells humbly.  

While on the subject, “Ang Galing Ng Pilipino” is almost always the theme of all Ang4gettables shows abroad. This way, according to the group, they are able to remind OCW’s of who they are and what they can do as Filipinos.  

 “Magaling ang Filipino at alam ng mga foreigners yan,” Dyords says. “Kapag kumuha ang foreigner ng Pinoy, para na din silang kumuha ng apat na tao dahil likas na resourceful tayo. Hindi lang isang trabaho ang alam natin. Bukod duon, honest at masipag pa ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy.”  

We asked the group if there have been instances when members felt pursuing solo careers once more. The idea, after all, is a tempting one.  

“Not for us though we have no rule that stops any member from doing so,” Pinky avers. “Challenging din naman kasi ang kumanta with a group.  You have to learn blending, voicing, adjusting to others, things that solo singers don’t bother with. Harmony keeps us together.”  

But don’t they ever tire of what they do?

“Hindi naman kasi we are still evolving. Ika nga, Ang4gettables cannot be put in a box. Ilagay mo man kami sa box, we will just change it’s shape. Babaguhin namin yon into a hexagon or octagon para laging fresh pa rin for us,” Bimbo says.   

And when asked what lessons they have learned from being part of the music industry for this long, Dyords sums up for the group.  

 “Count your blessings and make your blessings count,” he ends simply.

Ang4: All for one, fun for all

Pinky Marquez, Dyords Javier, Isay Alvarez and Bimbo Cerrudo  reveal the secrets of Ang4’s success

By  Cris O. Ramos Jr : Source: Manila Times. 1 Mar 2003 -  

“HAVE you ever been to our shows?” Pinky Marquez asked me as soon as the obligatory introductions were made.

Knowing that I couldn’t lie and act out even if my life depended on it, I sheepishly admitted that I haven’t. Uh-oh, I thought.

 “We are one of the longest-running groups made of solo performers in their own right.” Pinky Marquez beams proudly as I asked her what makes her proud about her group Ang4. Then, I reminded her that Ang4 is the only group of such kind. “Oh yes, you’re right,” Pinky proudly corrects. “The one and only, no second.”

Ang4 — Marquez, Dyords Javier, Isay Alvarez and Bimbo Cerrudo — has proudly made it through nine years. They’ll be marking their ninth year in the business with a series of dinner shows at Merk’s, Greenbelt 3 on March 6, 13, 20 and 27. Many solo performers have tried forming their own groups and failed which leads one to ask the secret to their longevity.

“Basically, it’s commitment and friendship,” says Dyords.

Pinky goes on to observe: “When a singing group breaks up, it’s usually for selfish reasons.”

The name Ang4 is short of Ang4gettables, which was derived from the Nat King Cole classic “Unforgettable.” The name crept up in the wake of the song’s re-emerging popularity following the release of Cole’s, uh, “simulated” duet with her daughter Natalie. “You can’t believe how cheesy and pilit the other names that we thought of were,” says Pinky with her eyes rolling.

The four members of Ang4 are all seasoned performers in their own right, as a group they are a relentlessly powerful and wacky unit. “The main thing you’ll notice in an Ang4 show is fun,” says Pinky. “When we first formed the group nine years ago, our prerequisite was that each member had to have a stable solo career before joining. The logic behind this is we want the people to see how soloists blend together. We carefully choose our songs in terms of harmony. During our formative months Dyords asked for three things from us: fun, entertainment and commitment. We cover different types of songs, but we put fun and twists in our arrangements.”

“The audience can ask for requests,” adds Bimbo. “Limit lang siguro sa new R & B. We can do hits from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.”

“Most of our loyal followers sometimes even ask us to repeat some certain jokes that we performed in the past,” says Pinky. “They also ask more of the four-part harmonies that we’re fond of doing, especially Platters covers. And then the impromptu parts — now those are the parts where we get the most fun!”

I then asked them what their typical audience is. “Sometimes it takes time for the audience to warm up to us. At the same time it usually takes time to cater to our audience also. If the venue we’re performing in is popularly known as a place where people generally dance, naturally we have to include dance-oriented songs in our repertoire. Sometimes audiences are like, ba’t kayo nandito? We can’t blame them because they’re expecting bands, pero eventually we manage to entertain them. We don’t believe in niche marketing, we don’t constrict ourselves to the A-B crowd or the C-D crowd. We want to cover all walks of life.”

Ang4 may have released their debut album ages ago, but they’re really in no hurry in making a follow-up. “We have already cut in the album,” says Bimbo. “But just like everybody else we’re waiting for the right material.”

 “Our new manager wants us to make one soon, but it’s not yet time,” adds Dyords. “It will have it’s own time. When the right time comes, we’d be more than ready to do it.”

Ang4TV Na!

What Ang4 is more enthusiastic on doing would be a TV show. “Because it would be easier to show our audience the real essence of the group, that we’re committed and dead serious in our craft.”

 “We want to use our talents to leave something behind to our audience and reach out the message.”

And that would be …

“The Filipino is hardworking and talented,” says Pinky. “It’s innate. We should be proud of our country.”

 “People empowerment,” says Bimbo. “We want people to realize that, yes, they have the power. My dream is to change the psyche of the Filipino. Humility is a kinda’ overrated virtue here in the Philippines. Filipinos should stop feeling inferior about themselves.”

Ang4 wants their audience to feel great as they’re feeling about themselves. They were then asked what they believe their greatest achievement is and Dyords points out that it’s “Keeping the friendship and the harmony, the money and the awards are easy.”

 “When we see our audience happy,” says Bimbo.

 “Ultimately realizing that, yes, we truly have the talent,” says Pinky. “You go to a record bar, you’d see anyone can have an album.”

 “I remember the group performing at Strumm’s for 10 months,” says Dyords. “A family watched us twice! And also when The Platters were here in the Philippines, one friend of the group called The Platters in their cell phone when we were performing a Platters medley. They went to see us. They gave us a standing ovation.”

Uh oh, I thought.

Pinky smiled and said, “Wow, you should definitely be there. Bring a date with you, it will be fun.”

Ang4gettable Merk’s in March

By Walden Sadiri: Source: Manila Bulletin, 18 Mar 2003 ( )

It will be another “Ang4gettable” nights of music as the talented and zany group Ang4 joins “Merk’s in March’s” entertainment extravaganza every Thursday night (March 20 and 27 with Mae Romero and Soul’d Out Band) from 9 p.m. onwards. Composed of actor and comedian Dyords Javier, host and recording artist Pinky Marquez, versatile theater actor and singer Bimbo Cerrudo and world–class performer and “Miss Saigon” alumnae Isay Alvarez, the Ang4 with its wide repertoire of songs and comic antics has been added to the numerous reasons why every moment at Merk’s Bar and Bistro is deemed an “Ang4gettable” experience!

Ang4’s show usually starts with “Trapik Dyan,” an upbeat song describing the Filipinos’ daily adventurous encounter with the metropolis’ monstrous traffic problems. The song which is a combination of good harmony and humor with the group’s ad libs and Dyords’  funny facial expressions, makes it a cinch for Ang4 to break the ice as they lighten up the mood of their audience who braved the traffic going to Greenbelt 3!

Once the energy is released from Ang4’s vibrant rendition of their opening number, it becomes a blow by blow dosage of peppy songs that gives their listeners a natural high and enjoyment.

For example “Trapik Dyan” is followed by their own version of “Drive My Car” and a Kalapana medley. Then, their show becomes a showcase of each member’s vocal prowess. Pinky Marquez belts out “Natural Woman,” Bimbo Cerrudo and Isay Alvarez  do a duet of “Someday We’ll Know” and Dyords Javier goes  romantic with “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

Like its onset in 1993, Ang4 never faltered in making their audience laugh with their scripted antics and often times candid remarks about themselves and most especially their audience. Whether they are seriously singing their hearts out with a Manhattan Transfer medley, a Motown medley or a Sinatra medley, they never forget what their show is always about — interacting with people.

Through the years, Ang4’s rapport with their audience comes naturally since they involve them most of the time. Their request portion in their shows alone keeps the ambiance lively and intimate as Pinky Marquez and Dyords Javier host and sing their “I Love You, I Hate You” portion.

As Pinky used to say about their group putting much leverage with audience interaction, “When the high level of performance you produce is positively reciprocated by the audience, that is a definite source of an ultimate high.”

She added that the group was formed in the spirit of fun and performing with good music and good comedy.

 “To bring fun in entertainment to the highest level is our collective goal. Because when you give your best in your performance and perfectly blend well with your band mates, you immediately feel its effects of mixed excitement and fulfillment,” Isay seconded.

The beauty of Ang4 also lies in their individual talents and styles of singing which as a whole defines Ang4. At  the start of their show, each one of them is  highlighted in their back-to-back number with Pinky Marquez’s “Bridges,” Isay Alvarez’s “Like A Love,” Bimbo Cerrudo’s “Give A Little More Time” and Dyords Javier’s “One Note Samba.”

Known more as a comedian than a singer, Dyords Javier is always a revelation in every Ang4 show with his versatility. Providing most of the group’s humor and blending very well vocally speaking, makes Ang4 a total entertainment package everyone of all ages would enjoy. And with his funniness, he hopes to help the group be remembered as the most successful Filipino musical group in the whole universe!

“We put in all our creative juices together in a fun-filled mix. With this in mind, we as a whole can reach greater musical heights with Ang4!” bragged Dyords about each member’s working relationship with one another that is vital to their success.

Other songs in their repertoire include “The Harder I Try,” “Put A Little Love In Your Heart,” “Good Lovin,” “Heal The World,” Bimbo and Jorge’s “Just A Gigolo” and a number of Soul hit songs.

Talent, good music, wholesome wit and humor spells out what Ang4gettables is all about. But as Bimbo would say, every show is unforgettable. “It’s always something new so it’s exciting because it’s like breathing fresh air, musically speaking.”

The unforgettable Ang4 at Merk's

By Edmund L. Sicam, Inquirer News Service - Mar. 28, 2003:

MOST singing groups start out by putting together several individuals, who are generally newcomers and are not yet familiar to the public. When the group becomes famous, some members use their celebrity status to pursue solo careers.

Ang4gettables is different. It is composed of four musical talents who have flourishing solo careers-Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez, Dyords Javier and Bimbo Cerrudo.

Pinky has a multi-media career that includes the movies, television and live entertainment. She has done such demanding musicals as "Magnificat" and "Katy."

Dyords Javier can be seen weekly on ABS-CBN, where he plays a wacky police chief on the Cesar Montano-Maricel Soriano sitcom, "Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis."

Isay is a veteran of "Miss Saigon" and continues to guest in TV shows and concerts.

Bimbo is also a stage veteran and was part of the men's ensemble of the Manila production of "Miss Saigon." Despite their individual gigs, the group has been performing for 10 years.

Ang4 is the featured act every Thursday night at Merk's Bar and Bistro at Greenbelt 3, Makati City, where they dish out their usual repertoire of humorous and serious numbers that have entertained audiences here and abroad. Their gig at Merk's has been extended till the second week of April.

What is the secret of their togetherness? "Two words," says Dyords. "Friendship and fun." To the four, performing is not a job but a fun activity that everyone enjoys.

This doesn't mean that the four don't have disagreements. When you have performers with strong personalities, this is inevitable. But Pinky says, "We treat each other as family and we value our work so much that we manage to settle our differences right away."

Ang-4 better than original versions

Showbiz Tidbits by Lea Solterio, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 10 Jul 2002,

THE TEXT message I received from singer-comedian Dyords Javier early last week was brief and simple: "Ang-4 will perform at Conways starting Wednesday. Bring the whole barkada."

When I got to the office that day, Inquirer national editor Jun Bandayrel, a long-time friend of Dyords, said he received the same message. It didn't take much convincing from Jun to make me drive to Conway's Bar at Makati Shangri-La Wednesday night.

I've seen other bands perform at Conway's, like Side A and Channels, so I initially found it hard to reconcile a group like Ang-4 with the crowd in the posh hotel music lounge.

Ang-4 is known not just for its brilliant four-part harmony but also for its hilarious comedy sketches. With Dyords in the group are Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez and Bimbo Cerrudo, who replaced Mon David three years ago.

From the time they opened the show with the Fifth Dimension hit, "Aquarius," Ang-4 enraptured the audience. The four did one number after another-"Say a Little Prayer," "How Sweet It Is," medleys of Kalapana tunes ("Hurt," "Nightbird") and soul hits. Their beautiful four-part harmony intensifies every number.

For Conway's, however, the Ang-4 quartet did away with their gags and antics.

"The crowd here is not suited for that kind of entertainment," Dyords told us after the show. "They want to move and dance, so we just sing. But in the other places where we perform, we inject comedy into the show."

Hence, it was a night of purely music and entertainment at Conway's. The repertoire was carefully selected to fill-up two hours of songs that pleased the audience.

In "I Can't Stop Loving You," Dyords crooned the solo part and the rest did the backup vocals. It was a different arrangement that was perfect for the group.

Pinky belted out "Natural Woman," while Dyords again regaled the crowd with "I'm Just a Gigolo."

Midway into the show, the group invited four guests from the audience to join them onstage in "To Love Somebody." One was a male tourist from Brazil who was apparently still jubilant after his country bagged the World Cup title for the fourth time. He gamely sang the refrain.

Another was former singer-actress Dinah Dominguez, who told Bimbo to sing the first voice while she did the second voice. Dinah, who doesn't mind being tagged as the mom of young star Champagne Morales, obviously missed performing onstage. As wife and mother, she is enjoying her life away from the limelight. When she faced the audience again, Dinah sang with much gusto and revealed the talent which once catapulted her to show biz fame.

When it was time for requests, Ang-4 generously dished out songs the audience wanted to hear. Pinky obliged my request for "As If We Never Said Goodbye," the beautiful theme of the Broadway musical, "Sunset Boulevard."

Bimbo did James Ingram's "One Hundred Ways" and Isay belted out "Bridges."

Dyords hardly participated in this portion and simply read the thick bunch of request cards from the audience. But he would make facial expressions and movements that left the crowd in stitches.

The Ang-4 members individually stood out onstage with their respective singing prowess. Of course, collectively, they are even better as a quartet. A four-man band backs up the group in a stage devoid of any frills.

Ang-4 later did a stirring, four-part harmony of "The Prayer," originally a duet recorded by Andrea Boccelli and Celine Dion. It was the first time we heard "The Prayer" in four different voices and it was stirring.

Isay's hubby, Robert Seña, was celebrating his birthday that night and watched the show with his male friends. When Ang-4 called him to the stage, Robert did an astounding, well-applauded "Lately."

He was perhaps even better than the original singer, Stevie Wonder.

Toward the end of the show, Ang-4 got the audience to its feet with a string of dance ditties-"Boogie Wonderland," "Shake Your Groove Thing," "Haven't Stopped Dancing," "Rock the Boat," "Dance With Me," "Dancing Queen," a medley of Teri Desario's hits, as well as a medley of VST and Co. hits.

From start to end, the energy of the four artists was unflagging and infectious.

Watch Ang-4 in other venues like Strumm's on Jupiter Street in Makati City on Tuesdays and at the lobby of Edsa Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City on Thursdays.

By Dyords, ‘Ang Galing ng Pilipino’

By Leah Salterio, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16 Jun 2002,

IN THE face of the current violence, Filipinos need something positive to boost their sense of pride.

This is exactly what prompted singer-comedian Dyords Javier to embark on a tri-media campaign to propagate the slogan "Ang Galing ng Pilipino. "

"I want to promote a positive slogan to counter the negative things that have been happening around us," Javier told the Inquirer.

"The objective is to rebuild trust in the Filipino by inculcating self-confidence via a nationwide slogan," he explained. "If we want change, it has to come from the heart. You have to make a Filipino believe in himself so he will be proud to be a Filipino. That should also take away his condescending outlook or false humility."

"Ang Galing ng Pilipino" actually started as a special Independence Day presentation in 1995. Javier wrote the lyrics for a song of the same title, with music by Ryan Cayabyab. It was recorded in two versions, ballad and reggae.

In 1996, the Ang-4 quartet, which included Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez, Mon David and Javier, took the show abroad to entertain overseas Filipino workers.

"In my entire career as entertainer, I have not seen an abundance of self-esteem in Filipinos as when I go abroad," Javier said. "We wanted to boost their self-esteem and self-worth. We wanted to bring them something positive and happy, virtues that I believe are intrinsic in Filipinos."

The free show was supported by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Ang-4 has been all over the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. Three years ago, Bimbo Cerrudo replaced David in the Ang-4 quartet.


"We’ve been to places nobody else has gone before," Javier beamed. "Ras Laffan is the single biggest natural gas deposit in the world which is two hours outside Doha in Qatar. We did a free show there for 4,000 Filipino workers, but the Pakistanis also watched us perform."

In every show, Ang-4 includes an eight-minute portion where the group members try to get the "Ang Galing" message across, without being preachy. Then the group sings "Ang Galing ng Pilipino." During the refrain, they get people from the audience to participate in the singing.

"Then they’ll surely remember that feel-good moment," Javier said.

He said he has seen how "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" works in many parts of the world.

"The effect is tremendous when we do a show and send the message," he said. "We don’t really do anything different. We just sing and do a little comedy. We’ve received testimonials from the OFWs, OWWA and research groups through letters and e-mail."

For their efforts in trying to bring cheer to overseas Filipinos workers, the Ang-4 quartet has received many commendations, endorsements and letters of gratitude from foreign ambassadors, city mayors and even the contract workers themselves.

Former First Lady Amelita "Ming" Ramos called them "credible ambassadors of goodwill . . . bridging the gap between the government and the doubting mass audience."

No politics

Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris gave the group a gold seal proclaiming "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" and urging Filipinos in Honolulu to spread the message among their fellow citizens.

"I may sound idealistic or nationalistic, but I’ve seen it work," Javier said. "The journey of a mile begins with the first step and I’m already on my third step. If I can make this work, I’ll have my mile."

He denies that he is pushing "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" in preparation for a political career. He campaigned for former President Fidel Ramos in 1992 and he was among the entertainment celebrities who took part in the 1986 Edsa Revolution. But Javier said he does not see himself entering politics.

"After 1986, I decided that for the country to be better, the change should start within ourselves," he said. "This country does not need a president for it to be progressive. I believe people should first work hand in hand. Then we can all support the president."

Javier wants to bring "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" shows to the grass-roots level in the country.

"You don’t give money to the fisherman or buy him a fishing rod," he said. "Teach him how to fish. If he knows what to do and how to do it, then he will realize his self-worth. We should apply that in our lives. It’s not very hard to do."

Ang4: no interludes!

(Manila Bulletin, June 2002

A show not to be missed is that of the Ang4gettables. Every Thursdays at the Lobby Lounge, the group composed of world class performers Isay Alvarez, Pinky Marquez, Bimbo Cerrudo, and Dyords Javier shall delight the audience with a wide range of repertoire that run the gamut. From ’80s Disco Movies, Motown, and Broadway Medleys to kundimans and Top 40, Ang4gettables will surely be, well, unforgettable.

"Di kami pumepwesto at nagse-set like other bands", Pinky says. May build-up factor kasi ang mga shows namin kaya di pwedeng putulin sa gitna tapos ituloy na lang after an interlude. An integral part of our shows, too, is the comedy we inject on the spiels. We understand kasi that audience just doesn't want good music but rapport with the performers as well.

Most Ang4gettables show start, thus: Everyone sings collectively, then solos followed by request portions that ends with dance music with wisecracks and light banters in between.

Not everyone can carry a show this way, in truth.But because every member of Ang4gettables is an accomplished soloist in his own right, a versatile repertoire and commanding vocal performances are right up the group' alley.

The Ang4gettables is so in demand that they will be staging an Asian tour after this Lobby Lounge stint (so be sure to catch them here while you still can!)

2002: AngFour celebrates 9th anniversary!

( Crispina Martinez. Belen, Manila Bulletin, Celebrity World, 02/21/2002, )

How time flies! It seems only yesterday when the wacky and lovable musical group Angfourgettables (later shortened to AngFour or Ang4) was formed:. It was originally composed of Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez, Mon David and Dyords Javier. Mon eventually got out and Bimbo Cerrudo replaced him.

The group has proven to be performers to reckon with, with their beautiful and carefully selected repertoire and spontaneous wit and humor. No wonder even then First Lady Amelita M. Ramos was so taken by them she brought them abroad for several performances.

Ang4 continues to wow lovers at the Strumms in Jupiter St., Makati every Tuesday night (sponsored by Caltex and Insular Life Assurance Company) and Downtown Music Bar at Hotel Rembrandt every Thursday. By March, Isay, Pinky, Bimbo and Dyords will also be entertaining habitues of Streetlife.

Also, the second album of the group will soon be released and they will be going on a promo tour of Metro Manila and key cities of the south while at the same time promoting the slogan "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" that advocates positive qualities in every Filipino and for every Filipino.

The Ang4 will also do a show for Malayan Insurance at RCBC Plaza on March 6, and on March 8, they will perform for the Governor’s Ball of the Rotary International at the NBC Tent, and on March 19, the group will perform at the Manila Golf and Country Club for Total Philippines.

'Ang4gettables' wows crowd at Streetlife

(Source: MANILA BULLETIN, 04/16/2002, )

What started out as friends hanging out and blending tunes for fun nine years ago has turned into a non-stop, remarkable and powerful performance by the country's top vocal singers collectively known as the "Ang4gettables."

A musical entertainment group composed of seasoned performers - Isay Alvarez, Pinky Marquez, Bimbo Cerudo and Dyords Javier - Ang4gettables was created in 1993. It debuted at the Versomina Lounge (Jul. 2, 1993), with a full house and a triple encore finale that caused a standing ovation from an audience eagerly wanting for more.

"The Ang4gettables is basically created all in the spirit of fun and singing good music with a touch of wholesome comedy," said Marquez who is a stage, TV and film performer whose gift for hosting both live shows and special parties earned her the monicker "Convention Queen. People watch us not just to enjoy music but, mostly to be entertained."

And they did that at Makati's food and entertainment hub, Streetlife, last Thursday and will do so all Thursdays of April. Performing at the usual jam-packed venue in Glorietta, Ang4gettables belted out a diverse repertoire of songs and tickled the imagination of the dining patrons of Streetlife.

"When the high level of performance you produce is positively reciprocated by the audience, that is a definite source of an ultimate high!," said Alvarez.

The quartet was surprised at the warm reception from Streetlife patrons whom they regard as "high-brow."

"It's our first time to perform in Streetlife," Marquez points out. "It's a first for us to perform in a huge venue where we have to compete for attention against a diverse selection of food!" Cerrudo, who has top-billed several sold out concerts both here and abroad, is thankful that the Streetlife crowd is "very accommodating and a happy bunch of people!"

Of course, the quartet lives up to its band's name with unforgettable and exciting performances that keep the audience craving for more. Not the usual bands that cover songs, "Ang4gettables" gives an original interpretation to its exciting repertoire making the songs almost their own. Alvarez stresses the band's daily mantra of "giving an all-out and best performance ever."

"We have a collective goal whenever we perform, and that is to bring fun in entertainment to the highest level," Javier, a deadpan TV and film comedian and one of the country's few actors who can actually sing, said.

Cerudo adds, "When you give your best in your performance and perfectly blend well with your band mates, you feel its effect of mixed excitement and fulfillment."

For nine years the Ang4gettables has tirelessly wowed its diverse audience leaving everyone asking what makes the band click and stay modesty successful?" "Well, when you love what you do, you not only count your blessings, you make your blessing count!" Javier confides. "We want to be remembered as the most successful Filipino musical group in the universe who had the most fun and shared it all in their performance ."

"We started as just friends with a common desire to have fun," Marquez quips. "Now we're great friends, doing what we do best and most important of all, having fun, fun, and more fun!"

Catch the Ang4gettables at Streetlife Glorietta, every Thursday of April and experience a merry mix of food, music and entertainment at its best.

The AngFourgettables!

A musical 'marriage' in four-part harmony

(By Nestor U. Torre, Phil Inquirer, Saturday Special Section, 16 Oct 1999;

SO many singing groups and bands have been breaking up of late that our admiration for groups that do stay together has increased by leaps and bounds. What do they know and do that the "self-destructing" groups don't?

We talk to the members of the popular music-comedy quartet, the AngFourgettables, which has been performing for more than six years. Why are they still together?

Bumps and jolts

Original members Pinky Marquez and Dyords Javier point out that "AngFour" has had its share of bumps and jolts through the years, but the important thing is that the group has resisted the temptation to call it quits due to these problems. That's why it's still around, and very much in demand for concerts, local and foreign tours, private and company parties, conventions, product launches, etc.

The first dropout was Nanette Inventor, who opted to leave the group after only one year, due to conflicts with her schedule as a solo performer. Isay Alvarez was tapped to take her place, and Isay has blended in well with the other members of the group.

Then, some months ago, it was Mon David's turn to opt for greener pastures, and he's been replaced by Bimbo Cerrudo, who's also doing well in the quartet. Thus, AngFour now has a younger, breezier projection with Pinky, Dyords, Isay and Bimbo.

Relative longevity

What accounts for the group's relative longevity, despite the defections it's experienced? "Basically," says Dyords, "it's commitment and friendship." "And," Pinky adds, "we've learned to adjust easily to each other. Also, speaking for myself, I refuse to consider putting a stop to the group just because some problems crop up. Why? Because I really love singing, whether as a soloist or with a group! So, I'm ready to put up with almost anything just so I can continue to have as many opportunities as possible to sing."

Isay reflects philosophically, "I've learned that nothing lasts forever talaga, but the group can go on." "That's right," says Pinky, "if someone leaves, don't stop. Don't take it personally. The group remains."

Candidly, Pinky and Isay admit they had "clashes" when they first worked together. "But we learned to talk our problems through, to bring them out in the open, so we were able to settle them with no harm done," Isay recalls.

Selfish reasons

Pinky goes on to observe: "When a singing group breaks up, it's usually for selfish reasons." Meaning, the members can't work as a group and focus on their diverse personal agendas.

This is particularly true if the group is made up of name singers who are soloists in their own right, as is the case with AngFour. The pressures and potential conflicts are there, but the "surviving" members of the group have managed to resolve actual and potential problems by continually reminding themselves that the group is what's important, not its individual members.

That takes a lot of humility, a quality that local show biz denizens are not exactly famous for. In this business, some talents boost their egos by stealing the spotlight every chance they get, and some name performers are notorious for brazenly trying to steal all of the numbers and scenes they're involved in. Thus a number of stars have reached the top of the show biz "molehill-mountain" by stepping on the carcasses of competing talents.

Well, those are the people who couldn't possibly be happy in a singing group, where the key to success and "survival" is musical and personal harmony. As Isay insightfully observes, "Being in a group, para kang may asawa." In the case of AngFour, it's a double marriage!

No difficulty

Like Pinky, Dyords has no problem fitting into a group. "Ever since," he grins, "I've had no difficulty working with others, even with the most obnoxious artists!" Pity, he refuses to name names.

Dyords' lack of soloist airs is surprising because, truth to tell, he's the member of the group with the most extensive stellar experience. Perhaps many of today's show biz followers may not know it, but in the '70s, Dyords was a biggish name in local comedy, and even topbilled a number of popular movies.

But Dyords chooses not to dwell on that, and is clearly enjoying his new career as a member of a musical group, despite the fact that his singing-and dancing-skills are not as well-honed as his co-members'.-No sweat, because Dyords' main contribution to the show is comedy, one of the main reasons why the group is so popular.

OK, so soloists can do well in a group, as long as they keep their egos on a tight leash. But why would already successful solo singers even want to be part of a singing group?

New strengths

Pinky: "It's the harmony. Singing with others can be more challenging than just singing solo. You have to learn voicing, blending, adjusting to others, things that solo singers don't bother with, so you discover new strengths in yourself as a musical performer."

Bimbo: "It's something new, so it's exciting-it's like breathing fresh air, musically speaking." Isay: "You stretch yourself as a performer, and as a person."

Dyords: "We're able to get our creative juices together in a fun-filled mix. Together, we can scale greater musical heights!"

Meet the members of Ang4, in alphabetical order. J



Isay has portrayed "Gigi", the world-weary veteran prostitute whose impossible dreams of a better life away from war-torn Vietnam never cease to tug at the audience's heart-strings, in the original 1989 Miss Saigon production in London, and kept the role for four years. She is a product of musical productions mounted at the Metropolitan Theater and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Among her theatre credits are Magsimula Ka, My Fair Lady, Mga Anghel sa Lupa, West Side Story, Once on This Island and They're Playing Our Song. Simultaneous with her theatre performances, she also made the rounds of lounges and 5-star hotels in the Philippines. She had shows in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Manila Hotel, Century Park Sheraton and the Manila Garden Hotel. Isay also expanded her horizons by hosting top-rate TV programs such as Batibot, Good Morning Philippines, Magandang Umaga Po and Atbp., for which she wont he 1995 Star Award for Best Children's Show Host. Isay is now a member of the group Angfourgettables, composed of other accomplished artists Bimbo Cerrudo, Pinky Marquez and Dyords Javier. The Angfourgettables have done shows in the United States, Germany, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East. She's married to fellow artist, Robert Sena (antagonist "Thuy" in both the London and Manila productions of Miss Saigon), and proud mother to their three children: Emilio, Roberto Jericho and Maria.


( )

Bimbo is part of the Men's Ensemble of Miss Saigon's Manila production. He has had a very active singing career, both here and abroad. He has performed around the world in concert, from LA to New York, the Middle East to Australia, among others. He has a couple of albums to his name, and he did the theme songs from movies such as Isang Lahi, Kailangan Kita and Huwag Mong Itanong Kung Bakit. Bimbo also starred in several musicals like Florante at Laura, Walang Sugat, West Side Story and Rama at Sita, among others. He is currently a member of the group Angfourgettables

In her 13 May 00 Manila Bulletin Celebrity World column, Crispina Martinez Belen said:

"Bimbo Cerrudo, on the other hand, is blessed with a cool, solid baritone voice, and it was but natural for him to start out as a singer. His classical voice training has afforded him the capacity to interpret any tune from opera to pop. He has top-billed numerous sell-out concerts both locally and internationally, and has been in demand for various awards nights, beauty pageants and private company parties and product launches. His songs have enjoyed widespread radio airplay and have been on the record charts for a number of months at a time. It was in musical stage plays though where his discipline and spontaneity were honed, and it was not long after that his talent for acting was also brought to the fore. He has in every one of his endeavors.

His most recent major performance was "Rama at Sita" were he played God Vishnu.

Today, even after years of hard work and perseverance, he continues to explore other avenues in order to further enhance his craft.

Bimbo Cerrudo has emerged as one of showbiz's most sought-after performers." ( 


Jorge Javier returns to comedy

(By Crispina Martinez Belen, Manila Bulletin, Celebrity World, 17 Oct 2000;

Making a comeback to comedy is Jorge Javier, one of the most effective comedians we have on TV and the movies in recent years. During his absence, Jorge (he used to spell his name 'Dyords') did singing stints here and abroad with the AngFourgettable (with Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez and Bimbo Cerrudo as the other members).

Now, Jorge tries once more his mettle in comedy in the movie "Sagot Kita...Mula Ulo Hanggang Paa" Millennium Cinema's latest offering. Topbilled by San Juan Mayor Jinggoy Estrada and Vina Morales, the movie was premiered the other night at SM North EDSA.

In "Sagot Kita..." Jorge plays the role of Bay, one of the small-time crooks that Jinggoy's character encountered when he first came to the Big City. Bay soon became Jinggoy's sidekick in his many hilarious misadventures.

Why did Jorge decide to make a comeback to comedy in the movies? Because Jinggoy and the director, Felix E. Dalay, are his longtime good friends. "When Felix told me that Jinggoy wants me in the movie, I read the script and I like it. Since Felix and Jinggoy are my friends, I agreed to do it.

"There are many funny situations in the movie that's why I enjoyed reading the script. One important thing for me before I accept a movie assignment is that the story must be entertaining," Jorge said. "It should cater to the whole family. I seldom do movies now and I can say that I didn't make a mistake in accepting this movie with Mayor Jinggoy."

Jorge, who have worked with both Jinggoy and Felix in the past, continued: "Felix is not only a good director but he's a good writer as well. We've been good friends for such a long time that I know his calibre already. When we did movies before, we always brainstormed. I like his concepts and stories. I can truly say that Felix is one of best but underrated directors in comedy-action in the country. In this project, he was given ample creative leeway. I think it's time people get to know Felix as a good director."

In the past, Jorge has appeared as lead in many comedy films, among them "Tolongges," "Ambrosio de Foctorum," "Estefanio delas Amboy," "Tolome Alyas Zorro," and "Working Girls 2." He said he wasn't getting good scripts after these, that's why he stopped making movies for a while.

"One primary consideration for me to do a movie is that it must be really funny. In the script alone, I should be amused already while reading it. But of course, I like to work with actors who are professional and supportive. Like the cast of 'Sagot Kita...' they are all very good people and I enjoyed working with them."

When not performing or travelling with the Ang4 in the recent past, Jorge was busy doing slogans for both government and private entities. He has been writing slogans for the past 15 years. He's also a doting father to his three kids, namely Niccolo, 13; Corinne, 10 and Sam, 4.

He concluded that this year, he hopes to be more active in the movies. He might do three more this year with Felix as his writer-director.

Jorge, balik pelikula!

(By :Arthur Quinto, Philippine Star, Deretsahan, 2 Oct 2000;

Matagal nang hindi gumagawa ng pelikula ang komedyante at mang-aawit na si Jorge Javier. Pinakahuli niyang ginawa ang Working Girls 2 noon pang 1987. Ngayon, nagbabalik siya bilang si Bay, sa isang action-comedy, Sagot Kita... Mula Ulo Hanggang Paa.

"Hindi naman ako pihikan kaya bihira akong gumawa ng pelikula," sabi niya sa isang one-on-one interview sa Virgin Cafe noong Lunes. "Pero hindi ko mapahindian yung the same writer ng Tolongges, si Felix Dalay, kaya binasa ko muna yung script niya at nagustuhan ko naman. Late 80s din yung Tolongges na pinagbidahan ko noon, at ever since, inaalok ako ni Felix pero hindi ko magustuhan, until this one picture na pinagbibidahan ni Mayor Jinggoy Estrada came along."

Ayon kay Jorge, very close siya sa karakter na binubuhay niya sa pelikulang ito. "Si Bay kasi, Bisaya, gaya ko. Isa pa, I've always enjoyed playing that role, yung medyo palpak na mahilig gumawa ng paraan, matulungin pero laging nadidisgrasya."

Sa pribadong buhay, sabi ni Jorge, kalog siya. Pero kung seryoso ang pinag-uusapan, nagiging seryoso rin siya. "Kung tinatanong kasi ako, what is my other side, I do not know if I have another side because I never wake up in the morning and say, today, I'll be my other side."

Akala ko si Jorge ang eldest sa mga Javier brothers. Dito siya umalma nang husto. "Pang-apat ako, ah, excuse me! Si Danny ang eldest. Nagkataon lang na ako ang pinakamatangkad, kasi, mas maraming Vitamin E sa panahon ko. Si Sandy ang ikalawa sa amin. Tapos yung sister ko. Pinakabunso yung youngest namin, broadcaster, si Jimmy. He is now the one anchoring for the Sydney Olympics."

Six-three ang height ni Jorge. Sayang at hindi siya naging professional basketball player. "Pero naglaro rin ako sa Ateneo noong araw," sabi niya. "Nabali kasi ang tuhod ko eh. Na-injury ako."

Dahil hindi siya naging professional cager, pinasok niya ang pagiging professional singer, circa 1983. Nagkaroon siya ng rap album (uso na pala ang rap noon) na ginawa ni Ading Fernando noon. "All of my career moves through accidents," sabi ng komedyante. "Tinawagan lang ako ng WEA Records noon, si Danny ang nag-inform sa akin, kung gusto kong mag-recording, tinapos ko yung buong kanta, "Naonseng Delight" (mula sa "Afternoon Delight"), ang nangyari, the following week, hindi na ako makapag-shopping dahil tunog na tunog na ang kanta ko, hindi ko alam kung paano ako magri-react."

Para kay Jorge, ang pinakamalaking tagumpay niya bilang mang-aawit ay ang tour ng kanyang singing group, Ang Fourgettables, sa OCWs. "Because it was very enriching, very fulfilling, from 1995 to 1998." Aktibo pa rin ang grupong ito, "Kaya lang, ngayon yung dalawa sa grupo (Bimbo Cerrudo at Isay Alvarez), nasa cast ng Miss Saigon.

Si Nene Riego raw na kaibigan niyang writer ang makakapagpatunay kung gaano siya ka-dedicated bilang isang alagad ng sining. "When it comes to my craft, I am very serious about it. I do not like to compromise my craft. Hanggang dito sa pelikulang ito nina Jinggoy at Vina, hindi ako gumagawa, kasi, yung mga alok sa akin, hindi ko feel. I don't like to accept an offer just because the one offering the film is isang kaibigan o malaki ang bayad.

"I still enjoy the positive comments of people in the streets, yung gasoline boy, yung waiter, yung valet, yung mga tindero, doon sa mga pelikula ko dati. That is something I respect. I want to give the people worth their while. Kasi, kung gagawa ka ng isang pelikulang not worthwhile, I think you are short changing the public."

Ano ang reaksyon ni Jorge, kung makita siya sa personal ng publiko at ituring siyang may katok? "Wala, lampas na ako dun!" pahayag niya. "Natutuwa ako dahil may feedback. Positive yon. Pero iba yung pambabastos! Pag sinabihan ako halimbawa, ng 'Hoy, tangengot,' nagri-react ako. Sandali lang, gusto kitang kausapin, sasabihin ko.

"Igalang mo ang artista. Natutuhan ko yan sa mga sinaunang artista na nakasama ko, gaya nina Dolphy, Panchito, Apeng Daldal. Malaki ang paggalang ko sa mga 'yan. I live that, sa buhay ko, dala-dala ko yan palagi - igalang ninyo ang mga comedian, igalang n'yo ang mga artista.

"Kung may nababasa akong artista na who goes to something negative, like nagda-drugs o naghihiwalay, o inanakan ang isang babae, I feel responsible for alleviating that part of the industry."

Si Jorge ay ikinasal kay Chiquita noong 1986. "Sa ilalim ng dagat kami unang nagkita, scuba diving. Bale dive body ko siya.

Tatlo ang supling ng mag-asawang Jorge at Chiquita, sina Niccolo, 13, nag-aaral sa Xavier School, Corinne, 10, sa Assumption at Samantha, 4, sa OB Montessorri. Bawat anak ay iba-iba ang tawag sa kanya bilang ama. 'Yung panganay ko, "Ama", ang tawag sa akin. Yung ikalawa, "Papa". Yung ikatlo, "Itay". Mabuti na yung iba-iba ang tawag sa akin, madaling ma-identify kung sino ang tumatawag."

Eh ano naman ang reaksyon ng mga anak niya sa mga pinagagawa niya sa mga pelikulang gaya ng Tolongges, Ambrosio de Factorum, Estefanio de las Amboy, Tolome Alyas Zorro at Working Girls 2"?

'Yung mga anak ko, hindi ako naabutan, nung naglalalabas pa ako sa pelikula madalas. Buti na lang at hindi nila naabutan yung mga pelikula ko noon, which is good for me," sabi niyang nasisiyahan.


(Source: )

Pinky was a mainstay of the SPCM HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB that performed in a series of successful joint concerts with its Ateneo de Manila High School counterpart in the '70s. With her distinctive "powerful yet very soothing and enchanting" voice, she became a member of the AMBIVALENT CROWD, FOURPLAY, MUSIC MAKING COMPANY, and since 1993, the globe-trotting ANGFOURGETTABLES. She has a successful solo career and has twice represented the country in the ASEAN MUSIC FESTIVAL. She has performed in concerts all over the world and guested in countless variety shows. To date, Pinky's voice has graced 6 music CDs, namely: Angfourgettables' "ANG4", Bing Pimentel's best of all-originals "BUHAY, ISANG AWIT", Viva's all-star "MOTHER OF ALL" , and soundtrack albums of Original Filipino Musicals "RAMA AT SITA", "MAGNIFICAT", and "LAPU-LAPU".

Pinky's the incumbent Treasurer of the ORGANISASYON NG PILIPINONG MANG-AAWIT (OPM). She also served as Vice-President for External Affairs in 1991-92. She was part of the 1988 "PILIPINO MUNA!" ("FILIPINO FIRST") ad campaign, where music artists performed a Ryan Cayabyab composition in a 60-second TV commercial. Participating OPM members were Tina Agoncillo, Joey Albert, APO Hiking Society, Heber Bartolome, Janet Basco, Ralph Bautista, Bernardo Bernardo, Elaine Carriedo, Ryan Cayabyab, Mari Ceguera, Paul Clemente, The Company, Archie Consunji, Mon David, Dulce, Maribel Fernandez, Ray-an Fuentes, Pam Gamboa, Jaime Gatchitorena, Maxie Goloy, Ramon Jacinto, Maryjane Lapez, Ronnie Lazaro, Celeste Legaspi, Donna Luise, Teresa Loyzaga, Paola Luz, Lyon, Jay-R Manuel, Mariz, Pinky Marquez, Bobby Martino, Richard Merck, Mica, Tenten Muñoz, Gina Olivares, Cynthia Patag, Cecile Posadas, Gigi Posadas, Louie Reyes, Lea Salonga, Victor Salvador, Robert Seña, Anthony Tinio, Boyd Tinio, Anna Tirol, Anarie Toledo, Mitch Valdez, Rey Valera, Miguel Vera, Gamaliel Viray and Nonoy Zuñiga.

Pinky has always considered live theatre-acting as the ultimate performance, Her first stint was in 1989 when she played second lead in Nestor Torre's OFM "KATY!". Directors and fans liked what they saw and Pinky was hooked. To date, she has played lead roles in various hits including Torre's longest-running "MAGNIFICAT" and "ANG BAGONG BITUIN"; Behn Cervantes' "FLOWER DRUM SONG", "DIARY OF ANNE FRANK", "BY GEORGE!", "REFUGE AND STRENGTH"; and "THE SOUND OF MUSIC", Henry Victor Tejero's "LAPU-LAPU"; Tony Espejo's "PERFECT DAYS" and "RIZAL - MGA HULING ARAW", "NOLI ME TANGERE", "EL FILIBUSTERISMO", "ON BROADWAY", "THE GREAT WHITE WAY 3", and Leo Rialp's P40M blockbuster, "RAMA AT SITA". Her latest role is as an Italian nun in "BAKHITA", an Original Religious Musical written in English by Mookie Katigbak about a recently-canonized Sudanese Canossian Daughter of Charity, .St. Josephine Margaret Bakhita.

Pinky has gained a big fan base on TV sitcoms like "WORKING GIRLS", "WANSAPANATAYM" and "READY NA DIREK". She has also appeared in local movies including "CODE NAME: BLACK AND WHITE", "GORIO PUNASAN... REBEL DRIVER", "THE SINGING MASTER", "MATUDNILA" and "EVERLASTING LOVE". She gained acclaim as the leading lady in the first two -- both comedies. A major upcoming project is Reyna Films' "LARAWAN", where she will play the dramatic role of "PEPA".

A Community Nutrition graduate of UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES in Diliman, Pinky currently hosts "LUTONG BAHAY" -- a popular cooking show on PTV4 shown every Sunday morning, 10:30 to 11:00. She promotes National/Panasonic and other products for TV and print; and hosts various corporate events, like recent Department of Health's Breast Cancer Awareness "SALU-SALONG SAYA", Arzobispado de Manila's "JUBILEE PILGRIMAGE FOR PEACE 2000", and San Miguel Corporation's COOKMATCH 2K -- a prestigious cooking contest in Manila. Despite her busy showbiz schedule, she always takes the time to directly manage "TA-BATCHOY", her popular restaurant located at 143 Katipunan Ave (near St Ignatius Village) in Quezon City.

More on fantastic Ang4!

Big Hit

(By Mario Bautista, Manila Times, Freehand, 11 March 1998;!ENTER11)

One singing group that's a big hit with our kababayans abroad is the Ang4Gettables, composed of Pinky Marquez, Isay Alvarez, Dyords Javier, and Mon David, who are solo artists in their own right.

The group was formed in 1993, upon the initiation of Dyords, and has since toured the US, Canada, Autralia, and the Middle East. Pinky and Isay are the sopranos, Mon is the tenor, and Dyords is the bass.

"Para kaming Manhattan Transfer," says Pinky. "Maganda raw and blending. We can feel we are well loved abroad, what with the support of First Lady Ming Ramos, who has even performed with us."

Pinky has done several movies and TV shows, and has also appeared in various plays like Magnificat, Flower Drum Song, Noli and Fili, Katy, Bagong Bituin, and Lapu-Lapu. Her last role was that of Maria in The Sound of Music at the Meralco Theater. She auditioned for Miss Saigon with Lea Salonga and passed it.

"Voice-wise, they like me. Nagkaproblema because of my mestiza features. I don't look Asian daw," she sighs.

Isay Alvarez joined Ang4Gettables after her stint as Gigi in London's Miss Saigon, where she met her husband, Robert Sena, who's still in London playing the role of Judas in the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. Their son, Bokyo, is now six years old.

"I'm very happy that Robert and I are still together, kahit na he's in London most of the time," she says. "But he's coming home on March 28 and will be staying here until July. While he's here, we'll be doing a musical together, Miong, the life of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, which is the Rep's contribution to the centennial celebrations, written by Joy Virata. So, for the next three months, I have a husband and our son has a father. Lubog na nga kami sa utang dahil sa long distance phone bills namin."

The Ang4Gettables is currently on its Ang Galing Ng Pilipino Provincial and World Tour '98, with the Department of Labor and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration as two of their sponsors.

Last weekend, they performed in Cebu, Bacolod and Dumaguete. On March 20, they'll be at Batangas City, at Lipa on March 21, and San Carlos City in Pangasinan on April 17.

From April to July, they'll visit Hong Kong, Sydney and Brunei. In August, they'll be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas. From September to November, they'll be going to the Middle East and then in Rome, Milan, Brussels and Barcelona.

They have also just recorded their first album, produced by Bodgie Dasig, with eight songs including "Iwas Pusoy," "Hoy Lalake" and their official theme song, "Ang Galing ng Pilipino," composed by Dyords himself.


Ang4 has new member

(By Crispina Martinez Belen, Manila Bulletin, Celebrity Word, 23 Jul 2000; )

Ang4 welcomes its newest member, Bimbo Cerrudo. Yes, that versatile, brilliant, dynamic and artiste naturale is now officially with Ang4. With his solid baritone voice, he can interpret any tune from opera to pop. This is why it was so easy for him to adapt to the Ang4 repertoire, which has a lot of intricate harmonies. His stage discipline and spontaneity, another asset of his, will definitely add more color to the group's very entertaining gags.

Ang4 is composed of Dyords Javier, Isay Alvarez, Pinky Marquez and the new member, Bimbo Cerrudo, is in the planning stage of their second album which will be probably be released by mid-November or early December. Also in the planning stage is another world tour for the group.

Managed by the very able and energetic Marines Carvajal-Elizalde, Ang4 will definitely reach newer heights. For bookings and inquiries, interested parties may call Production Core & Management Co. (tels. 532-0269/533-2657).

(25 Nov 00: Please bear in mind that introductory information provided above is not comprehensive; references are 99% Internet-based and limited to more recent events. Through the years, Pinky, Jorge, Bimbo, and Isay have done much more and it will be near-impossible to document everything. We will continue updating this page as new info is found.)

(Photo credits: Ang4 group picture was from; Isay and Bimbo's solo shots were from; Pinky's photo was from, Jorge's was from The CD photo was from )

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