"Pinky Marquez sees the (candle)light", an article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 Mar 01, spills the scoop on Pinky's latest love. Click here to read it.

All candles featured on this page were personally made by Pinky. Various styles and various scents for all moods and personalities! Now available at Treasures of the East inside Gremel Bldg on Makati Ave, soon at Garden Blooms inside the Rockwell Powerplant in Makati City. For more info, call (02) 413-2034 or (0917) 441-0911.


Pinky's Candlecraft Class

Pinky Marquez taught a hands-on, comprehensive 2-day candle-making workshop in San Lo, Makati City, on 30 April through 01 May 2001, before she left for her European summer vacation. The P3000 was all inclusive -- all materials, lunches, snacks, fun, entertainment, everything! Children and adults were welcome.

During the class, Pinky and three associates discussed the theories behind the creation of beautiful votive, floating, container, chunk, and molded candles. They demonstrated how to decorate the candles and personalize the scents. Making plaster of paris molds (usually a separate course) was also taught. Students kept the candles they crafted.

At the end of the class, wax and additives for home use were available for purchase. Recommended sources of materials were also be listed and provided. Everybody had fun -- teachers (especially Pinky!) and students alike.

Take it from Pinky... candle-making is therapeutic and fun! It gives you a chance to discover your artistic abilities, develop your skills, and let your imagination run wild!


Pinky Marquez sees the (candle)light

By Andy Bais

Inquirer News Service

WHAT'S keeping singer Pinky Marquez busy these days? Candle-making! She's so enamored by her new love that, if she has no singing engagement or hosting jobs to attend to, she is in her working area at home-melting and molding wax to add to her increasing number of specialty candles.

Her "love affair" with candles started barely two months ago, after she and her friends attended a two-day workshop under Eliza Bautista where they learned the basics of candle-making.

New obsession

Determined to learn more about her new obsession, she bought books on candle-making. Shortly after, she found herself buying all the materials that she needed -the wax, molds, additives, dyes, etc.

And it didn't take long before her "investments" bore fruit. She's already receiving orders for her one-of-a-kind specialty candles.

"What's important is, I'm having fun making candles and getting paid for it at the same time," Pinky gushes. "It's so addicting! Your imagination can run wild and the only limit is when you run out of ideas. You can create candles in different colors, shapes and scents, depending on their uses and where you plan to place them," she exclaims.

Pinky's candles are mostly of the decorative type. They come in various sizes, colors and shapes.

She has already started experimenting on using indigenous materials in decorating her candles. These include dried flowers, leaves, herbs, seeds and even marbles. "Actually, it's so funny, everywhere I go, I see other materials that can go with my candles," she adds.


She calls her candles "specialty" candles because they are one-of-a-kind. She's open to the idea of her going to the homes of her would-be-clients so she can create candles based on their specifications, especially if the clients want their candles to blend with their home decor. Her candles are variously perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

"My candles can transform any gloomy room into something mysterious or romantic, depending on one's mood at the moment, " she winks.

Where does she draw her inspiration? "Well, I love candles, especially the scented ones, because I want my house to smell good. I also love to look at beautiful things. My inspiration could have also come from our upbringing because my mother loves to decorate a lot.

"I also get ideas from books and magazines and from the internet. But I always incorporate my own creative inputs in the candles that I make so they become unique," she beams.

Creative juices

Pinky shares that her creative juices are at their best early in the morning or late at night when it is peaceful. And she hastens to add that she can't work without her favorite classical music playing in the background. "Kaya , I'm thankful to my friend Mon David for lending me his classical CDs," she says.

She confides that she now admires every candle that she sees because she knows the hard work that has gone into making it. "Nagkasunog-sunog na ang kamay ko because of the hot wax, pero bale wala ang lahat once I see the beautiful finished product," she shares.

Despite the occasional burns, she describes candle-making as both a relaxing and therapeutic activity. "Even if I work the whole day, I never get bored and I don't get tired. It's really a different experience when you enjoy what you're doing," she enthuses.

What are her suggestions to those who plan to go into candle-making? "One must have the desire, then he has to learn the process, and then try to experiment. If your friends like your creations, then go on with it. In my case, my mom is my number one critic and has become my number one fan as well. She's as excited as I am to see my latest creations.


"Candle-making can be dangerous, so if you are not that careful, don't go into it because it requires close supervision. As in other areas of artistic endeavor, it requires you to be obsessive and passionate. These are necessary traits in order to create truly beautiful candles," she observes.

Pinky and her friends are planning to meet once every two weeks to share new ideas among themselves and at the same time make candles together. They also plan to teach in the future, so they can share what they've learned.

She admits that her being a celebrity is a big plus in the selling of her candles. But she wants to be known for her own style in candle-making. Pinky is grateful to some kind souls who have guided her in latest endeavor. One of them is the owner of Craft Store (located at the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria) who taught her new ideas and techniques not only in candle-making but in other crafts as well.

Pinky's collection of specialty candles is now on display at Treasures of the East at Gremel bldg, Makati Avenue c/o Paulette Cancio. It will also be displayed soon at Garden Blooms at Rockwell Powerplant, Makati City. Interested? Call (02) 413-2034 or (0917) 441-0911.

(The article above was from Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 Mar 01, http://www.inquirer.net/lif/2001/mar/31/lif_4-1.htm . That's SPCM HS'75 classmate Zamby Arnaiz with Pinky in the bottom photo, taken on 25 Jan 01. )


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