"ANG4" by The Angfourgettables

Trapik Diyan
Hoy Lalake
Bakit Ba Kita Nakilala Pa
Don't Play With My Heart
Iwas Pusoy
Nung Una Pa Lamang
Ayos Lang
Ang Galing Ng Pilipino

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"The Power of Your Love": A 'Powerful' album

Crispina Martinez. Belen, Manila Bulletin, 09/22/2002, http://www.mb.com.ph/ENTR/2002-09/EN02092219329f.txt (excerpts)

Here we are with the stars of "The Power of Your Love," an inspirational-spiritual, music and prayer album produced by Universal Records.

The album is designed to help celebrate the 4th World Meeting of Families in January 2003. Ms. Jeanne Young had worked hard for more than a year to realize the dream album. Associate producer is Ito Rapadas.

Jeanne Young said of the album: "The real Producer is the Holy Spirit. He would like to speak to your heart, renew your mind and dig deep into your soul and that you may receive the healing touch of loving God."

The album features the theme song of the 4th World Meeting of Families, "Only Selfless Love," composed by Fr. Carlo Magno S. Marcelo and interpreted by Karylle and Jed Madella with the Youth for Christ ensemble.

The recording artists who participated in "The Power of Your Love" album are Pinky Marquez ("Papa Can You Hear Me"), Carol Banawa ("Mariang Ina Ko"), Jeanne Young ("Surrender, I Will Be Here"), Mikee Ocampo and her son Robbie Jaworski ("Please Know My Child"), Nonoy Zuñiga ("Butterly Kisses"), Arnee Hidalgo ("Tanging Yaman"), D&A Band ("Tears In Heaven"), Isay and daughter Didang Alvarez ("Warrior Is A Child"). Frs. Anton Pascual, Carlos Magno Marcelo, Manny Nery and Justin Sequiera, with the EDSA Shrine Kids, Magda Sison, Gerard Sison and Sr. Sarah Manapol ("To Remember You"), the Couples for Christ Ministries with Perla Adea and Romy Mallari Lloyd Young and Mandy Ochoa ("We Have Coome/Victory To Our King").

All the musical selections in "The Power Of Your Love" are interpersed with prayers such as "Jesus, Yourself And Your Family" by Fr. Jerry Orbos; "Miss Me But Let Me Go" recited by Ed Finlan and his son, Martin; interfaith prayer by Prof. Taba M. Basman (Philippine Islamic Council Secretary General) and a Hindi Prayer by Yogita Sharma; and "About Being Missionary" by Bro. Tony Meloto of Couples for Christ.

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"Mother of All", a gathering of Viva greats


An album about Mary. The Blessed Virgin. Our Lady of Mediatrix. Our Mother.

Many a different titles endowed to her by Christians all over the world. Viva artists' from secular celebrities to celebrities who practice Catholic apostolate. Laymen and clergy from the Catholic church as prayer warriors, readers of the Spoken Word.

A launching took place in Villa San Miguel on the feast of the Holy Rosary of our Beloved Mother. Music done in pop gospel.

Viva Records releases the second of the "Servant of All" line. Aptly titled "Mother of All," it is an album that will establish the role of the Blessed Mother in the history of the Catholic Church and our daily lives.

The album boasts not only of its timely release in the market but also of the vibrant voices that is only the best in the industry. Artists who have established their names through their own style.

Leading the pack is Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez who once more gives us a taste of lung power in her rendition of the carrier single "Mother of All, Mary Most Holy"; Donna Cruz filling up the void for the vernacular listeners through "Daghang Salamat, Maria"; Ivy Violan's joyful "Shout to the Lord"; Wency Cornejo's soothing "Holy Mother"; Wiseguys' touching "Mama"; Basil Valdez's solemn "Tanging Yaman"; Judy Ann Santos with a light song "You"; Maxine's youthful "Let It Be" from the Beatles original; Megastar Sharon Cuneta's "Silent Night, Holy Night"; and Jeanne Young's very own rendition of "I Am Here (I'm Your Mother)".

But what makes it special is that the voices of Cacai Velasquez ("Keep the Candle Burning"), Mitch Valdez, Pinky Marquez, Jacqui Magno, Leah Navarro and Marivic Benedicto ("Salve Regina"), Bert Nievera/Lloyd Umali/Marco Sison trio ("Maria"), Aiza Sequerra whose voice has gone a long way since her Repertory stints ("Dear Lady of Fatima" and "Mother of Christ"), New Minstrels great Eugene Villaluz ("Ave Maria") and Christopher de Leon's soulful rendition of "Sa 'Yo Lamang").

Not only are their voices offer melody to the album but the powerful prayers of the noted lay, clergymen and artists make the album complete.

The prayers offered by Fr. James Reuter, SJ (Introduction), Lydia Sison (Please Pray The Rosary), Fr. Juni Jesena, SJ (The Angelus), Mel Tiangco and Boots Anson Roa (The Visitation), Alissandra Martinez (Lovely Lady), Jay Sonza (The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ), Ronnie and Mariz Ricketts (Prayer to the Holy Family), Albert and Liezel Martinez (The Wedding at Cana), Msgr. Renato Frias (The Cruxificion), Eddie Garcia (Behold Thy Mother), Fr. Anton Pascual and Pat Castillo (Pentecost/Proclamation), Fr. Benjamin Sim, SJ (Assumption/Coronation of Mary), Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco (A Prayer for Priests) and Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, JCD, DD (Act of Consecration of the Filipino Nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary) provide the fitting lines in prayers.

An album about Mary in the feats of the Holy Rosary. An ensemble of stars. Music in the pop genre. Prayers which give meaning to the songs.

A fitting gift to a Queen.


"Buhay Isang Awit", Bing Pimentel records own song


Mrs. Bing Pimentel, wife of Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr., is also a composer who despite her obviously tight schedule keeping up with her high-profile husband has always found time to work on her music. Proof of this are more than 150 songs to her credit and the album Buhay Isang Awit, Songs of Bing Pimentel, which is made up of her works released recently to commemorate her 40th wedding anniversary to the renowned statesman.

This I must say is most fitting for although Bing, like most artists derives inspiration from various sources and the Senator and his exciting life has over the years provided his wife with most of the inspiration she needs for her song- writing. Hence, this, has resulted in several of the best songs contained in the collection. There is Hinahanap-hanap Kita, which she wrote when they were engaged 42 years ago. Another one, Why I Must Go on Living was composed after their marriage encounter experience during what may have been a troubled time.

There are also Pag-ibig Sa Bayan, Only a Moment and I Am There, I Am There, with which she tried to assure him of her love and support during the time when Pimentel was a political prisoner of the Marcos regime. Itay is a tribute she wrote again for him when he was conferred the Gintong Ama Award in 1990. There is also Go If You Must Go, which is about the thoughts of a worried wife when her husband was appointed chief negotiator with the Muslim rebels for the surrender of former military officer Alexander Noble by President Corazon Aquino.

Interpreting the compositions of Bing in the album is an all-star line-up of artists, you will seldom find performing together. These are Chelsea Emata who sings Hinahanap-hanap Kita and Binibiro ng Panahon, Freddie Aguilar, who also arranged Pag-ibig sa Bayan, Dulce with Only a Moment and Go If You Must, Jose Mari Chan with I Am There, I Am There, Nora Aunor who sings Itay, Rico J. Puno with Ayoko Na, Ayoko Na, Gelyn Onate for Batang Lansangan, Pinky Marquez with Pahuway Na, Von Arroyo with Say No To Drugs and Bimbo Cerrudo and Isay Alvarez who sings the duet Why I Must Go on Living. --Manila Bulletin


"Rama at Sita"


The soundtrack of the lavish musical Rama at Sita is finally out and this is one album which came to the stores one year late. But as the cliché goes, it is always better late than never and the music of one of the biggest events of local theater in 1999 is finally available.

Based on the ballet Rama Hari, which was in turn based on the Indian epic poem, Ramayana, it tells the story of King Rama, the famous demon killer. His father was Dasaratha who was childless for a long time but because of the goodness of his heart, the gods gave him Rama and three more sons. Rama won the love of the Princess Sita when he broke the bow that belonged to the god Shiva. But his happiness was short-lived as the second wife of his father sent him to exile so her son could become king and Sita was kidnapped by the demon Ravana. How Rama rescued her, regained his throne and killed the demons make up the story.

Rama at Sita was presented at the UP Theater last February. The P40 million production was the most spectacular ever seen on the local stage with dazzling sets and costumes, memorable songs and competent performances from the cast. Most of those who came to watch were looking for the soundtrack album and were disappointed to find out that it was not available. But at last Rama at Sita is now on sale and everybody can now listen to the music while awaiting news of the restaging.

The soundtrack combines the songs composed by Ryan Cayabyab and Bien Lumbera for the ballet like Magbalik Ka Na Mahal and Iisa ang Tibok/Awit ng Pagsinta and those by Daniel Tan and Roy Iglesias and Dodgie Simon for the musical like Ako'y Iyung-iyo and Sadyang Pinagtagpo. Featured performers are Ariel Rivera as Rama, Lani Misalucha as Sita, Mon David as Dasaratha, Pinky Marquez as Kaikeyi, Jaya as Soorphanaka, Robert Sena as Ravana, Franco Laurel as Bharata and others. It was produced by Daniel Tan and Willy Munji for SK Records.

Rama at Sita Soundtrack Album's 19 heartwarming cuts: Ika'y May Pangako (Pinky Marquez) - Sadyang Pinagtagpo (Edward Granadosin, Chorus) - Huwag Takasan (Ariel Rivera) - Kaya Ko (Franco Laurel) - Halina Sa Mithila (Ariel Rivera, John Arcilla, Edward Granadosin, Michael Williams, Gelo Francisco, Zebedee Zuniga, Chorus) - O Kay Dame Ng Babae (John Arcilla, Male Chorus) - Sana Siya Na Nga (Lani Misalucha, John Arcilla) - Iisa Ang Tibok/Awit Ng Pagsinta (Ariel Rivera, Lani Misalucha, Edward Granadosin, Chorus) - Ang Sumpa Ng Patay (Mon David) - Tayo Na, Nariyan Na (Ariel Rivera, Lani Misalucha, John Arcilla, Pinky Marquez, Mon David, Franco Laurel, Chorus) - Ako'y Iyong-iyo (Ariel Rivera, Lani Misalucha) - Buktot... Ako'y Buktot/Harot...Ako'y Harot (Jaya, Robert Sena, Annie Nepomuceno, Cecille Aurellado, Shiela Francisco, Arlene Borja) - Type Kita Rama (Jaya, Annie Nepomuceno, Cecille Aurellado, Shiela Francisco) - Ginoong Ermitanyo (Lani Misalucha, Robert Sena) - Tingan Mo Ang Aking Byuti (Jaya, Annie Nepomuceno, Cecille Aurellado, Shiela Francisco) - Kaya N'yo Bang Tumagal? (Lani Misalucha) - Magbalik Ka Na, Mahal (Lani Misalucha) - Tagistis Ng Ulan (Ariel Rivera) - Sadyang Pinagtagpo/Huwag Takasan, Reprise (Ariel Rivera, Edward Granadosin, Chorus).


Other OFM Soundtracks -- "Lapu-lapu" and "Magnificat"

In addition to the above, Pinky also sang in the soundtracks of "LAPU-LAPU" and "MAGNIFICAT" -- both successful Original Filipino Musicals where she played lead roles. Pinky played the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in "Magnificat", and Beatriz, Ferdinand Magellan's wife in "Lapu-lapu.