(Pinky's solo shot was from the "Perfect Days" page of www.britishcouncil.org.ph… cast photo was from the souvenir program… picture on the right shows some of our SPCMHS75 batchmates who watched: Mina Florentino, Daisy Santillan, Janette San Juan, Sunny Escareal, Nilo and Florian Nuval Nequinto, and Sunny's hubby Kiko. Janette's husband. Boogie took this shot.)

Pinky in Perfect Days…just perfect!

Date: 9/26/00 9:11:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time

From: Sunny Velasco

Dear Classmates,

Was able to catch Pinky in "Perfect Days" last Saturday. Those who watched: Florian and Nilo, Daisy and son, Mina and Edgar with their 2 sons, Janette and Boogie and Kiko and me.

Nakakatuwa si Pinky. Bagay na bagay ang play sa kaniya and it would have been such fun for all of us to watch it kasi -- BASTUS!!! Nahhhh! It was a British adult comedy with a lot of racy rated-R talk. Amazing that Pinky was able to carry on with her British accent all throughout the play. Her gay best friend was a riot. Especially when he found out that Pinky was going to bed with a younger guy at the same time that she was supposed to be injecting herself with the gay guy's you-know-what just to get pregnant.

Laughed so loud when Pinky wore her young boyfriend's shorts over her head (parang high na high siya na may lalake sa buhay niya). And just in time for her best friend (who also happens to be the mother of her bf), played by Mia Gutierrez, to come visit. In panic, Pinky wears the shorts over her nighties. Pinky na Pinky! There were scenes suggestive of bedroom acts but they were all professionally done in such a funny, good taste kind-of-way so they didn't come out as bastus at all. Iyon nga lang, even the director, Tony Espejo, told Mina (when he saw her 2 teen-agers) - "Mga bata ito, a? Bakit kayo nanood?"

Would have wanted to see Pinky after the show but she had to run immediately to Robinson's for another engagement. Super in-demand so talagang "lagare." Sayang, dala ko pa naman ang camera ko. Kaya, kami na lang ang nag-kodakan sa labas ng Cinema. I'll send it as soon as the film is developed.

OK gotta go. That is my report for the day.



(Our original Paulinian announcement…..)

SCOOP! Pinky top-bills in "Perfect Days" to go onstage on 23-24 Sep 00 at Cinema 1, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Commissioned by the British Council and directed by London-trained Tony Espejo, this English play also stars Mia Gutierrez and Tommy Abuel. For info, call Bulwagang Gantimpala at 897-9986 or BC at 914-1011/14. Better still, visit La Marquez at her TA-BATCHOY Restaurant, now located at 143 Katipunan Ave, near St Ignatius Village, QC. Psssst….pass it on!

(Press release…)

Gantimpala's season lineup (by Nestor Torre -- excerpts from Phil Inquirer)


THE GANTIMPALA Theater Foundation is 23 year old, and its current season lineup...includes "Perfect Days", an English production commissioned by the British Council...

"Perfect Days," a romantic comedy by Liz Lockhead, tackles different kinds of love--romantic, motherly and platonic. It stars Pinky Marquez, Mia Gutierrez and Tommy Abuel. Performances are on Sept. 23 and 24 at Cinema 1, Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

For more info, call Gantimpala at 897-9986.


A peek into the plot...(excerpts from http://www.whatsonstage.com )

Barbs Marshall (played by Pinky), the ballsy, carrot-topped 39-year old heroine of Perfect Days has reached that uneasy stage in her life when a successful job as a TV hairdresser, a wardrobe full of Armani, and slick loft apartment just aren't enough. What she really needs, or so her hormones tell her, is a bouncing, gurgling, thumb-sucking bundle of joy. Problem is, age is against her, and there's no-one to father the sprog. Husband Davie has wandered off to pastures (he is having a baby with a much younger woman), new boyfriends stick around as long as the latest hairstyles, and the only available male is a queeny snipper by the name of Brendan.

Suddenly the race is on to find some suitable sperm for Barbs, in Liz Lochhead's bitter-sweet comedy. A product of the celebrated Traverse Theatre, it had successful runs at the Edinburgh Festival, and Hampstead Theatre. In London, Ms Siobhan Redmond performed the award-winning lead role as the conflicted thirtysomething Barbs, and Ann Scott-Jones was her eccentric Mom, Sadie.

The mom and daughter roles are in a love-hate relationship, where views clash as loudly as Sadie's garish outfits. Mom can't see the point of her daughter getting pregnant, bewailing the burden of bringing up her own offspring as a single parent. Barbs' friend Alice shares this predicament, having put her own son up for adoption more than two decades previously.

Perfect Days is an appealing, neatly-constructed drama, with moments of farce, poignancy and humour leading to a twist at the end of the tale. The scenes flow seamlessly into each other and the script is studded with witty lines, such as Barbs', "I don't see how I can be pushing 40 when I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!"